How to Find the Perfect Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer showing a documentGoing through a divorce is one of the most taxing things in life. Having to go through the entire legal process to dissolve shared assets and resolve child custody issues just adds to the stress.

It now becomes important to find the right divorce lawyer who easily understands your legal needs and provide them in a way that minimizes the emotional impact of the divorce on you.

Ask for referrals

It can be tempting to rely simply on classified ads to find divorce lawyers in Albuquerque. With the high divorce rates in the US, you can actually find one through family or friends. This method is more reliable since it actually comes with the endorsement of someone you know and trust.

Choose a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable

A divorce lawyer is not a marriage counselor, but you will want to hire one who makes you feel comfortable. Look for one who can communicate well. A divorce lawyer should be able to listen to their clients’ needs while being able to explain things in clear and simple English.

Meet with potential attorneys

Most lawyers will offer free initial consultations as a way for potential clients to assess their ability to handle their case. Take advantage of these consultations to ask about their track record and experience in handling divorce cases, but be wary of attorneys who may use the initial meeting as a sales call than a consultation.

Consider the costs

Depending on how you want the legal process to go, lawyers can charge as low as $500 if the divorce is uncontested and amicable. On the other hand, a messy divorce can take up a lot of your budget (and your personal life). To help you save on the expenses, you might want to work with an associate charging a lower rate instead.

While going through a divorce is emotionally exhausting, it helps to set a goal and keep it in mind. For most people, the best goal is to keep the process as quick and efficient as possible so you can move on with your life. The best divorce lawyer is the one who honors that goal.